Swan in the Gulf of Bothnia - Finland 1996Swan in the Gulf of Bothnia - Finland 1996Close to Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant in the Southwest of Finland. Also close to Rauma, Finland. From a Black and White 35mm roll.
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We flew to Helsinki and had a limo ride to the site in western Finland. Several hours away and I vaguely remember the jet lagged drive there. We arrived at the site and were welcomed, had no logistical issues and were escorted to our quarters, affectionately referred to as "The Indian Village". A bunch of cabins for contractors working at the site. But it was actually called "The Indian Willage" on account of that northern euro verbal swapsies of "V" and "W". Which also meant that my name for the duration of the shoot was "Wance". Nice digs and there were numerous and serious saunas. Even a little bar where where you can drink your Lapin Kulta with an Accordionist at the open mic. The Finns take their saunas and accordions very seriously. We decided to take a sauna at the Indian Village and told our manguide, Panu Wilska, we would meet him in a while at the sauna after getting our modesty briefs. He said "everybody else would think you were hiding something" so we obliged into a certain level of hell wearing our birthday suits. It was over 200 degrees and the Finns would be at the top bleacher rung in the sauna and the American contractors would be on the 1st rung. gasping for air. Then, someone would dump a bunch of water on the rocks for a flash fry. Still quite enjoyable and I enjoy a good sauna to this day.

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