I've been to Spain twice. Once in 1977 in the springtime after finishing up in College and the other in the summer of 1990. I took the night train from Paris to Madrid. I stayed a couple of blocks away from the Prado and made several visits there. I then went to Barcelona (by train, of course! I had a Eurailpass) for several days before continuing my tour of the continent -- back to France. The second time to Spain I was working as a photographer in the nuclear industry and had a shoot in the north of Spain in Basque country. After we finished the shoot (Santa maria de garona for you nuclear buffs) we went to Madrid for a couple of days. The museo de Jamon was STILL there.
Suspended castle - Frias, Spain 7/1990Plaza Mayor - Madrid, Spain 7/1990Madrid 7-1990 - SiestaDVC - Frias, Spain 7/1990