Also known as the "Hello Kitty" session. All of these were shot in a low key lighting situation using studio strobes. I took advantage of the dark background by integrating other photos as backgrounds and textural layers into most of these. Some of these shots pay homage to Frank Frazetta's work and black velvet paintings.

All photos sized to a (relative) size of 20" x30". Meaning they'll look fine printed up to that size, perhaps larger, but definitely smaller too.
Wide shot of set-upNude with Crimson SilkTwistie pose - Variation 1 (Sepia)Twistie pose - Variation 2 (BW)By the doorThe Blue DoorThe Blue Door in Black and WhiteRecliningDrapedDraped B/W variationNude Composite Variation 1 - ColorNude Composite Variation 1 - DuotoneNude Composite Variation 2 - BWNude Composite Variation 2 - ColorNude Composite Variation 2 - BW (plus subtle warmth)2/22/15 session at MAP StudiosPortrait by the door