1000 Dinars with Tesla - Yugoslavian currency1000 Dinars with Tesla - Yugoslavian currency
Another ITC work trip to photograph the US Embassy in Belgrade. This was during the Balkans conflict so (then) Yugoslavia was a no fly zone. We flew to Budapest and drove to Belgrade. We were basically the only car on the road. After Belgrade we drove back to Budapest where my co-shooter Jim and I decided to spend a couple of days playing tourists in Vienna. The central theme of the trip? Cities along the Danube.
Budapest Castle Hill FunicularBudapest Castle Hill Funicular - CompositeA stroll on Castle Hill, BudapestHungarians and their HorsesCastle Hill Museum - Nude sculptureCastle Hill Museum - Bronze Head of ManThe Pest of Buda - Snowman of Castle HillStealing trash with Killer Joe - BudapestLocal ruffianGirl on a balcony - Vienna - 3/97POSTCARD - Pechuk 1904 - by Nadežda Petrović - National Museum Belgrade1000 Dinars with Tesla - Yugoslavian currencyDVC in front of the Parliament Buildings, BudapestParliament, BudapestHead of Jupiter - Roman 0 - 100 ADWindow cleaners - ViennaClose to St. Stephen's Cathedral, ViennaBudapest Two-ferShrouded Statues - Budapest No. 3Shrouded Public Sculpture No. 1 - Budapest