I went to Europe soon after graduating from E & H college in 1977. Landing in Luxembourg on an Icelandic Air cheap flight. Thinking I was on a train for Paris I boarded a train to Metz. Metz looked to be the Detroit of France. I then got on my correct train and finally got to Paris.

From Paris I went to Spain, then Italy, then a bee line to Calais where I caught the ferry to Dover. Finished up my trip in London.
LuxembourgLuxembourg, No idea what this is. I was jet laggedA Church growing out of a hillside. LuxembourgThe Louvre, ParisNotre Dame, ParisNotre Dame peeking through the blossoms - ParisLes Bouquinistes - ParisJardin de la Vallée Suisse - Le Rêve du Poète, by sculptor Alphonse de Moncel. - Paris May 1977David - by Michelangelo, Accademia di Belle Arti di FirenzeDavid with errant scanner posterization effectDavid Sandwich - 2 versions - one normal, one posterized combinedAuguste Rodin - Rodin Museum, ParisAuguste Rodin Sculpture (detail)La Danaide - RodinL'Orage (The Storm) - RodinMonument to Balzac - Rodin - ParisMonument to Balzac - Rodin - ParisView from my hotel on the Boulevard Raspail, Paris.Gargoyle & Chimera, Notre Dame, ParisCentre Georges Pompidou