I joined my parents in a trip close to Bar Harbor, Maine. During this time Nixon resigned. I was practically dancing at the news, but my father, a lifelong Republican, was extremely upset. Click here for Nixon's resignation speech.

It should be noted that my father had just retired from the Navy just a week or two before this trip.

Through my father's influence (as a Flag officer in the Navy!) he wrangled a week at the Prospect Harbor light house. Click here for the google maps location. My bedroom had a view of the lighthouse just feet away. What a nightlight.

We took a day trip up to the Bay of Fundy. Click here to see an awesome night sky photo bubble 360 x 360 (not by me!) of the general area where we went.
Mom arrives in Bar Harbor - July 1974Cracked paint on a Hull - Maine July 1974Mom and Dad and our personal light houseMom at Gull Cottage, Bar Harbor, Maine 1974Mom two-ferDad Draws a Lighthouse - Prospect Harbor, Maine - August 1974Lobster baskets - Maine