Vance Cox - Photography and Art | Maggie and Ben's wedding 5/30/15
Since this is in the "Family and Friends" gallery I don't squeak a % of the sales. So if you decide to get copies through Zenfolio, know that they partner with Mpix lab who do GREAT work. I've never been disappointed -- except due to operator error.
You may also download and print copies as you wish. Let me know if you have any difficulties and I'll try to talk you down.

These are high res and capable of large prints but are virtually straight outa the camera jpegs. Let me know if you'd like any edited. There are a few edited shots that are indicated in either the caption or comments. You may contact me via for questions. Please leave comments if you'd like.
Be sure to click the "SLIDESHOW" button in the upper right of the screen once you get into the separate galleries to enjoy in full screen splendor.
Pre-party with the SandGnatsThe Wedding, 5/30/15Post wedding Brunch at Foxey Loxey, 5/31/15Post party at Kantor's Beach house, 5/31/15Crab Shack, 5/31/156/1/15 on the beach with Rich 'n MaryRandom shots