Vance Cox - Photography and Art | Leon Russell at 120 Tavern, Marietta, GA November, 2015
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I did a cartoon like double take while driving in Marietta when I noticed a local rock and roll venue with Leon Russell’s name on it. After thinking briefly I was being pranked I checked into it and yea, verily, he was playing there. So I was in.
I saw Leon Russell years ago in Roanoke Virginia during college years playing with his then wife Mary.
A great show, Leon told a lot of stories. One especially entertaining one was when he met Elvis. He asked him how come his music was so great but his movies were terrible. The question sufficiently weirded out the King but he remembers that story when someone comes up to him and says something stupid. His supporting band was terrific as well.
The warm up artist was Abby Owens. A local artist with a terrific voice and interesting selection of songs, both her own and covers.
I shot this with my Canon 5D with a 70 - 200 L lens.
Leon Russell at the 120 Tavern - MariettaLeon RussellLeon RussellLeon RussellLeon RussellAbby Ownes - opening act B/W variationAbby Ownes - opening actAbby Owens - opening actAbby Owens - opening actBeau Charron - Lead guitar, Leon Russell BandBeau Charron - Lead guitar, Leon Russell BandJackie Wessel - Bass, Leon Russell Band

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