Vance Cox - Photography and Art | Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks - Music Midtown 2001
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Shot with poor digital point n shoot, but at least I got some pix of Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks! I later got to meet him in a signing line. I almost told him how back in college days the "Mad Grundonian" decimated my copy of "Where's the Money". The mad Grundonian notoriously would shotgun beer until puking. Wait 5 minutes and do it again! He was a cross between Hunter S. Thompson and a Teddy Bear.

I saw Dan Hicks a couple of other times as well as this. The first time at the Cellar door in DC '72 (ish?) and in Atlanta after this performance at the Variety Playhouse around 2010(?). One of my all time musical favorites. Dan Hicks was HUGE in California in the later hippy days.

RIP Dan Hicks

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