Vance Cox - Photography and Art | Ry Cooder and John Hiatt, Roxy NYC 2/81

One of the best two concerts I've ever attended. I've been a Ry Cooder fan as long as he's been on the scene. Since he seldom tours, I jumped at the chance to see him BOTH nights he played the Roxy in NYC in the early 80's. A very young John Hiatt singing backup. I had no idea who he was but was amazed hearing a voice sounding like Howling Wolf coming out of this white boy. I remember strolling around the upstairs balcony and noticed a table reserved for "Mr. and Mrs. Jagger". I was so caught up in the concert I never went upstairs to celebrity gaze.
Ry Cooder at the Roxy, NYC - 02/1981John Haitt - Roxy 2/1981John Haitt - Roxy 2/1981