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You gotta have friends! All of these pictures can be purchased at cost, since if you want any you're probably a friend too!
Mary and Junior, 5/1982. McLean, VARMG and Corcoran LionRoger Shirley and Wishbone, August 1976Bruce Culmer on Old Rag Mountain - February 1983RMG at cafe - Summer 1976Claytor Lake, Sally and Me by Richard Gans - Dated 1975Richard Gans and Marion - Claytor Lake 1975Joe Lawson with Machete - Charlottesville ?Joe Lawson 1974 Emory, VAJoe Lawson by the Pepsi machine - Emory, VA 1974Joe Lawson in the Shadows - c. 1975, somewhere in VirginiaUnintentional double exposure - Richard Gans, MLH3, Me 7/81Richard Gans and me - Roanoke 1983Arthur Stephens - Richmond - 7-1986Nice hat!Frenchy Vance - Polaroid scanPete and David (?) - Polaroid scanRM Gans - Polaroid scanRM Gans - Polaroid scanMLH3 - Polaroid scan