Vance Cox - Photography and Art | Joel's pro-jam, Darwin's December 30, 2015

Joel Edwards organized the December 30 Pro jam at Darwin's in delightful Marietta. Super players included local luminaries such as Barry Richman - guitar, Joel Edwards - bass, John McNight - drums, Michael Jamsmith - guitar, Alan Orvis - Drums, Barry Zion - Guitar, Charlie Korch - Drums, Jimmy Stangley - Bass. Send me an email if I missed any names or have any errors. Be sure to check these out in full frame splendor by clicking the "Slideshow" button.
John McNight, Barry Richman & Joel EdwardsJohn McKnight & Joel EdwardsJoel EdwardsJoel in the party lightsBarry, John and JoelSally arrives at Darwin'sJoel mingles with the fans (Shelley and Wayne)Sticker BassSticker bass - TatsLocal fans Vickie and Keith.I think the photographer has been drinking!Local fans Sally & FrankLocal fans Sally & Frank - shot deuxDeckside break with Joel, Shelley and WayneGuitarist Michael JamsmithMystery guitarist, Barry Zion (guitar), Charlie Korch (drums), Jimmy Stangley (bass)Through the glass: Barry Z. & Mystery Guitarist get downMichael Jamsmith takes the stageThrough the glass: MIchael J.Alan Orvis - drums, Joel - Sticker bass, Michael - guitar